"My 3 children beg my husband and I to go out so they can have Traci babysit! Traci places high standards on herself and anyone working for her! I highly recommend her to all of my friends!

​Kortney G. - Myrtle Beach, SC.

"Absolutely amazing! My only complaint is that she is not here with us in Pittsburgh:-( my girls adore her. Traci is fun and energetic and keeps the girls busy. She brings her own crafts, stickers, books, etc. All the things you do not bring on vacation. She even made brownies with my older daughter once then little one was asleep. She is caring, compassionate, and very trustworthy. We love you Nanny Traci!"

Tara B. - Pittsburgh, PA

"Nanny Traci has been a godsend to our family. She totally understands how to handle special needs kids. My kids request her when the need arises!"

Bryanne D. - Myrtle Beach, SC.

​"We are so thrilled to have found Traci again after having taken a break from Myrtle Beach for a few years. She is amazing, as is Tiffany, and my kids and nephews just love them. They really enjoyed their art creations and were so thrilled at receiving a little note in the morning! It was such a welcoming sight coming back to see the dishes done, kitchen clean, and things in order. My daughter has severe food allergies, and I was pleased with the attention paid to my instructions and details. We also appreciated the flexibility. Nanny Traci is dependable, punctual, responsible and fun. I highly recommend her!"

Teresa J. - Chapel Hill, NC

​"We have been using Traci for over five years now. She is a wonderful caregiver and is the only person outside of family we have ever let keep our son while we are away or out of town. We trust her fully. Our son has some special needs and Traci stays very in tune to what ever is needed. She keeps him busy with a variety of fun crafts and activities that he just loves. She is very versatile for various situations. Being parents of a special need child it has been a blessing to find someone who gives us peace of mind while she is here. We love her!

​Kristin S. - Myrtle Beach, SC

"Nanny Traci's sitters are great! We come home to happy kids (and a happy pooch too)!"

Kristie M. 

"Great craft time and sitter. Gave me a list of meals, diapers and naps for each child with times . Thank you most important she had FUN!"
Katie H. - Myrtle Beach, SC

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E-Mail us for a quote


LOCALS: $15 Booking fee paid to the company. $12/hr paid to the nanny (up to 3 children. $1/hr for each additional child)

VACATIONERS: $30 booking fee paid to the company. $15/hr paid directly to the nanny (up to 3 children, $2 for each additional sibling)

**Book Nanny Traci herself: rates starting at $15/hr for locals & $20/hr for vacationers - e-mail for a quote**


A locals - only option:

$175/night (Starting anytime after 2:00P.M. and ending by noon the following day. 


On occasion we have families who need a nanny to be "on call" for a period of time, this has come in handy for parents preparing to bring their second child into the world. This option ensures that a nanny is available to hop in her car and come to you within an hour of being called - E-mail us for a quote.


A nanny share is any situation where a single nanny is caring for children from 2 families in a single location (residential home or vacation condo). This is a great option for locals or vacationers who want to go out with friends who also have children; it allows both families to save on babysitting costs! 

$10.00/hr per family (locals)

Starting at $12/hr per family (vacationers)

plus booking fees.

(additional costs may apply for more than 6 children OR in cases where two nannies are needed. Nanny Share rates may be used for up to 3 families)



​Buddy services were created for teens and young adults who are diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders, Tourette's, PDD-NOS...etc. A "buddy" is put in place to give you a break and give your child an outlet as well! The "buddy" can hang out with your child at your house or take him/her out on the town! Activities may include things such as going to the movies, visiting tourist attractions, going to the pool...etc. See FAQ for further information about Buddy Services.

Contact us for pricing. 


Let us keep your youngest guests entertained on your special day! Our wedding / event child care is customized according to your specific needs! You provide the space, we provide the fun! Visit our Weddings & Event Nanny Services section for more information. 


​This involves keeping children entertained on a professional photography, commercial photography, television, or other professional shoot. In addition to entertaining the child between takes, we also help on set in whatever way is necessary. Contact us for pricing. 

*We are not currently offering full time / year around nannies.